Fees - How We Charge for Our Services

In general, we charge on an hourly basis for our services. If, after a brief consultation with us, you decide not to pursue a matter, the consultation will not be charged. With limited exceptions, if you choose to engage us, the initial consultation will be included in the overall fee.

Certain matters may be appropriate for a fixed fee or you may choose to limit the amount of fees you are willing to incur and the corresponding amount of time we can devote to your matter.

For estate planning, after the initial consultation, we are generally able to give you an idea of what the flat fee will be, exclusive of any costs to retitle real estate and or transfer other assets into trusts or limited partnerships or limited liability companies.

Without harming your legal rights, fixed fees are not feasible in the case of litigation, whether actual or threatened. Litigation raises the possibility of counterclaims against you or an unreasonable opponent who refuses to settle or continues to litigate against you.

We ordinarily do not take matters on a contingent fee basis. We require an executed written contingent fee agreement if we do take on such a matter.

Our hourly rate does not cover disbursements such as court filing fees, long distance telephone charges, FEDEX or certified mailing charges, etc. Disbursements are separately itemized and billed.

Please call us for information about our current hourly rates and which types of matters require payment of a retainer or deposit against future expenses.

Please call us at (781) 237-7766 for more information concerning fees.


This is advertising, not legal advice, which is only provided upon execution of a written engagement agreement.

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